Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another Day, another blog I just set up a mobile phone blog so you can view another side of me go here to see Gregornot's Vision Day by Day. A world slightly out of focus.
Phone photos and texting while I am on the road.

Photos and less text(I hope, said the long winded, wound up one)

Sweet dreams and may you have a stress free day tomorrow, I know I will as I am doing nothing except to read and mediate

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nair to make Beatles-Rishikesh Doc

There is an interesting forum at India Mike's "Nair to make Beatles-Rishikesh Documentary" with photos of the Beatles, when the Liverpool Lads took their trip to India for rebirth, or to study mediation. The forum can be found
here Please remember that the photo's are copyrighted. The forum mostly discusses the documentary that he is going to be made or is in the making.

The one remark that I really liked is that the Beatles wrote 48 songs in 3 weeks. You know that their brain cells were really flying into over time.

I can believe it after taking my first Vipassana 10 day course

All photo's were taken by Paul Saltzam who has a Beatles in India book for sale. Where you can registration to buy a copy of his book.

There are also photos by all four lads as well.The main photo gallery is located here

This was my comment in the forum:

"My First Concert

luckily I was able to see the Beatles in their first US appearance, right after the Ed Sullivan show (am I dating myself) never saw so many jellybeans airborne at one time in my life Great 20 minute show, but all the girls screaming made hearing hard. My first concert, no less. When out the next day and bought a Beatle wig Those were the days, so young and innocence. Would loved to gone to India at that time. oh, the daydreams. Would love to see the documentary when it comes out.
peace, gregor"
To conclude with the ever inspiring words of the Buddha:
"If the roots remain untouched and firm in the ground,
a felled tree still puts forth new shoots.

If the underlying habit of craving and aversion is not
uprooted, suffering arises anew over and over again."

My Favorite photo is of

John Lennon (of course)

And then there is this great one of Paul


The book sounds great but the price is a little steep for me, but photo prices range from a 30"x40" Signed & Numbered for $2,000 USD to a 5"x7" Titled for $15USD which even I could afford. Sound Temp tempting so if any one wants to send me a present. contact me at: All sizes accepted thanks in advance.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Oberoi Maidens

Today mail brought a expected surprise our passports with India visa stamps good until May 11,2007. So the passport visa wait is over, finally.

Above is The Oberoi Maidens hotel from which the tour starts on Jan 3rd, 2007 my problem the last few days is where to stay before and after the tour. The tour guide said that I could stay at the The Oberoi Maidens for $225USD a day. But I just wanted a roof over our heads and some help taking care of getting new glasses.

I put a call out to India Mike's forum and was told that I could not get a room at the Oberoi Maidens for under $400USD but I believe our tour guide could get me in at$225 USD but that too much. Another suggestion was the
in New Delhi. It was described as a bit funky but very popular with tourists--which will be $50 per night, with attached bathroom, including breakfast, 10,Sansad Marg (Parliament Street), New Delhi-110 001. That was not one to fill the bill this trip, maybe when I travel alone.

Surya Shelter

But the surprise one is the
Surya Shelter
, rather luxurious, which will be $80 per night, at 4/33, W.E.A. Saraswati Marg, Karol Bagh New Delhi-110005--the Delhi hotel is easily accessible to National and International Airports, New and old Delhi Railway station I.S.B.T and many important commercial locations. Just right for a special trip for my 17 year old son birthday gift trip. Of course the only photo is of a double bed rather than the two singles which we shall stay in. They have a special where is you stay two night and a day they give you two meals, plus the third day late check out allows us to get to the airport by 5pm for our three hour mandatory terrorist check in.

Plus the bonus meals gives us the chance to experiment with new foods at no cost.
My vegetarian son (I went that route for many a year)is very happy to visit a country that is primarily vegetarian. He was happy to find out that there is a choice of three types of vegetarian food on Singapore Airlines, Western, Asian and Chinese. No more grilled cheese on white bread or PBJ(Peanut Butter and Jelly)

I got a new type of glasses holder that holds two pair of glasses at the same time from Duluth Trading Company (my new favorite store).

I have heard around the net that in India you can get three pairs of glasses for the price of one pair in the USA. I figured I would finally get a pair of Photo-chromic lens for daytime use and a clear pair for night driving. I was recommended to the oldest optical company in India the Lawrence and Mayo Optic Store in New Delhi which is located in New Delhi at 76 Janpath, New Delhi-110001 phone 011- 23356262

Well before you readers, fall asleep I shall stop for the evening

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Marley Sage's passport arrived about Ten days ago, so we sent off for our visa's. Expect our Visa's with India stamp to arrive any day now, just finishing up a few loose end looks like everything is set.
Got vegetarian meals for Marley Sage, had a choice of three types. One was Western, Asia and Chinese, he chose Western. Forty Five days to go :) If you are not familiar with a KUMBH MELA tour, here is the latest email I got on it:

January, 2007

From time immemorial to the present day, devotees
have gathered with unwavering faith to receive the
blessings of holy saints and bathe in the holiest of holy
bathing spots in India. As tour guide for sacred tours to
India, I invite you to the upcoming Kumbh Mela,which will
take place in January, 2007 in Allahabad,India.

Wave upon wave of bliss. The darshan --the blessings--of
all the magnificent saints and yogis who rarely come out
of their Himalayan caves in order to bless thepeople.
This is the Kumbh Mela ("the festival of the potof nectar
- amrit kalash - of immortality"). A once in a lifetime,
unforgettable event!

To watch the Kumbh Mela processions is to witness the
march of the ages. As the holy saints pass by on various
and sundry conveyances -- elephants, horses,
palanquins, chariots, cars, and camels -- they are
continually transmitting waves of powerful shakti
(energy) to all the people who witness this awe-
inspiring and most auspicious event. Devotees are
overwhelmed by the palpable spiritual vibrations that
pervade the entire atmosphere.

Register now at: