Monday, October 09, 2006


Yahoo!!! thing about money it's like water on a hot day it's oo!!!! Tickets for planes and Tour are paid for:) Actually paid Tour operator $500 extra, so that will be coming back and can sure help out.

Funny thing about money. it's like water on a hot day. It's there and suddenly you turn around and it's gone. This sure will help out.

I am getting Marley Sage a Video Camcorder, with night vision so he can catch all the action night or day and I have a digital Canon XT. We bought a digitial recorder so we can have all the sounds also to try to put together a good record of what we saw and heard.

We are both excitided, I have to get him his shots(HEP B) set of 3 and anti-malari pills so we don't get malaria.

Will write more but got to run take care of alot of things, getting set up for the trip. So am just checking in, as if any one is actuall reading this blog. It will be getting better as we get to India.

peace, gregor