Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am putting this blog on hold for a couple days,while I make preparations for my journey to India,silent mediation and serving before I go explore India and Nepal following in the Buddha's footsteps.

But before I leave I must state my feelings of the current state of politics. I am currently in Salt Lake City(SLC) where a very,very large protest (Peace and Justice Rally at Washington Square) against President Bush is being led by the Mayor of SLC, Rocky Anderson is leading the protest. Instead of taking the sheep's position of gracious welcome the President, leading the rally himself rather than send a Representative of his office. He stands up for his beliefs. It is 10 am and the meeting place is completely packed ,well over a 1,000 in conservative city and it is still hours from the protest. I will keep this blog update thought out the protest. A pro Bush rally is also happening later today with who knows what outcome. Not they I have readers I have several family members, My 16 yr old son (Hurray for young activists and truth seekers}, his mother & grandmother, plus other friends. They are living in the moment, calling for the end of the war. There is no parking and the entire city is in a gridlock of traffic.

People support the troops but not this insane war, killing of thousands of people on both sides for the Presidenth's need for democracy in the world(?). But if a government that he does not support wins ( Hezbola). He is ready to strike out against them, as the only true democracy is one that Bush approver's of and to he** with the voters because he is good as a lame duck by 2006 election or not.

But I also am outraged and should be among the protesters, but I suffer Post Traumatic Stress Syndromes and is the perfect place for it to strike me down and throw me into a flash back, from the Vietnam war, which this war is turning into another black eye for freedom.But I must admit after 39 years the VA has giving me 100% disability, which I should soon receive!

Anticipation is filling the air as Jim Hightower is speaking, prior to the Mayor Rock Anderson speaking. One speaker just said Bush is talking with his eyes wide shut!. Speakers that actually fought in this immoral war, prior to the Mayor. There are three speakers(at least) before Rocky (as in the movies style of justice) lands the knockout punch of speaking the truth of the matter.

While Bush squanders the nation youth for his political party's needs. While of thousands of Iraq men, women and yes children die to provide the dwindling supply of fossil fuels to provide America's insatiable need for oil, while alternative fuel sources are being thrown in the trash with the spilled oil and blood of both nation's dead. While America has only(!) has lost less than three thousands of our finest young men and women die , the tens of thousands of Iraq 's are uncountable or not allowed (by American policy) even to be seen in photograph's due to proof on unstoppable violence. While the Vice-President is hidden away in some dislocated hidden hole such as Saddam was hidden in . Chancey too is culpable and accountable for his role, which one day be brought into the sunlight of true freedom and democracy, to pay his dues to mankind

While waiting for the mayor a Rally for Pro Bush is going on with it Television count of two or three hundred, mostly conservative Veteran's of Foreign Wars(VFW) counter-protesters. While I also am a member of the VFW, my views are not welcome to the truth of Iraq's War. Our so called War on Terror stumbles in the darkness of lack of Freedom of the Press .Where Questions at Presidential are written down and sorted, so that only questions the praise the President's efforts can be asked.

With Rocky Anderson speaks in stereo both on the TV and the Radio shows how much courage the MOST conservative state, in these United States of American shouts “Give us the Truth” while Rocky chastised the media part in the cover up of the truth, reminding us that our children and their grandchildren will be the ones pay for this tragic immoral war, while those who planned the 9/11 disaster are left to scamper away under the cover of darkness,

While President Bush sat reading “Billy the Goat” to first graders for seven minutes while the “World Trade Center” burned as they prepared to collapse killing thousands. Yet on August 21st ,2006 the President finally admitted that THERE WAS NO CONNECTION BETWEEN SADDAM AND THE AL QUEDA. Also a full ten days before this tragic war began that the information on which the decision to dethrone Saddam, was proved before an other source of information too BE FORGED DOCUMENTS. As was his last minute appeal to give himself up prior to the first gun shot, being fired.

While the vice-president shoot a friend in the face during an illegal quail hunting trip, which was hidden from the United States media for four days, while no one had hunting permits echo's the behavior of the Presidential administration behavior in Iraq. While this information of no connection betweem Saddam Hussein the Al Queda was in the hands of the President .Bush continued to remain on vacation at his statued White House Ranch, in Crawford, Texas. While he was riding his bicycle, he fell and hurting himself. He was proclaiming the the proof of Weapons of mass Destructions (WMD) was a simply understood as riding a bike.

Rocky Anderson ending his speech that the Truth shall be exposed to our Brothers and Sisters around the world, that was happening world wide. Rocky finished stated that We will insist the the contemplated Congress shall also be exposed for their role in what is presently happening today and attempt to right the wrongs that they were party to. Stating from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” he paraphrased That Our Lives End the Day We Become Silence to the Misconduct and Abuse of the American Administration to the Resources and Rights of the People of the Entire World.

While the 5,000+ (stated by the radio / TV which are notorious for under counting) people left to March to the Utah Federal Building to Present a petition of grievances, including my son who finally found his Church Group. My son (unlike some of the members of the notorious “Black Block” who's exploits were written about the World Trade Organization (WTO) of 1999 or exploits his father, myself have conducted on a much smaller scale, but that is for latter discussion, as although I walk a thin line on the edge of what is universally accepted behavior.) is a true believer in non- standing vigil of actions that those that are empowered by a higher authority (such as by the American Voters or members of the authorized police representatives, who made not follow their own rules and guidelines) Not the Spirit who with non judgment watches over all of us, appearing in various forms and named to those of Planet Earth

Thank you our most mercifully Spirit that watches over man / women Kind that my son Marley Sage has a strong belief in non-violence. Although when he was ,four or five years old through a school group somehow got enrolled in a wrestling program, where he defeated larger, wiser, stronger kids his age or older. He gave up wrestling the same year after three or four matches as he found it to boring, a waste of his time and energy.

It is now 2:30 PM (MST) and the event will be a concert from 6pm to 8pm. This concert is billed as “Rocking Rusmenfield (sic) out of the White House. Then the President's arrival around 9pm with a “ticket only, welcoming party” ah....sorry all tickets have been distributed surely to a fair respectfully representative of Utah citizens, who will greet Bush with the expected gracious welcome he deserves, cough, cough.

Cindy Sheen who was to be the headliner is still in the hospital, under doctors orders for bed rest. Due to nonstop following Bush thought the USA proclaiming the lost of her son and others in this immoral war, of exhaustion. We all wish her support to get well to, pickup on her tour of Bush's speech and photograph stops, while he hopefully gathers support for his almost completely renewed administration and the actions that they showed as a new working team the non existance or three weeks later rapid support to the victims of Hurricane Katrine.

The non rapid support to the victims of Hurricane Katrine was a showcase example of his readiness to react to support the needs and help the mostly black,elderly people who were unable or refused to leave prior to the wraith of destruction of the Hurricane victims by responding with “the shoot to kill” order the victims occurred by their desperate search for food, medical and basic survival needs. Granted there was looting that was appalling, but when you have nothing and everything is ten to twenty feet underwater, I personally believed that salvage rights were occurred by the homeless refuges left in the wake of destruction, which undoubtedly were covered by some sort of insurance, Would I leave my family to do without basic needs for survival? Would you?

Time to post this and see if I can get an hour of mediation in, and I state once again that this blog is not going to be a platform for my political beliefs which truthfully very minimized. As I seek Spiritual refugee as my politic stance has brought me to the brink of nonexistence!!!

peace to the peacekeepers, -gregor

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Readers of this blog which will document my experience in getting ready to go to India and continue my Vipassana studies. In order to give you the readers a better understand of my desire / need to find my Spiritual path must know a little of my background. Other posts shall be much shorted or more focused on my Vippasana Mediation and my journey to, through India and Nepal.

But first a little background on my life which drove me to discover the spiritually side of life. I am a born martyr, so I have been told sacrificing my personal life to break the Nuclear cycle. I personally believe the production, handling and creating Nuclear Weapons has maimed and continues to kill thousands of Americans, belief that the Nuclear cycle which has to be stopped., by what ever means possible

At one portion of my life I believed the getting arrested and clogging the court system to have the American law pay attention to the International Courts that condemn and

established that Nuclear Weapons production, use is immoral and illegal.

I am a Vietnam Vet with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome(PTSD).Recently given a 100% disability because of war experiences that I do not wish to go into.

I have issues with crowds, so I decided to go to the most crowed anplace on this planet that I can get legal entry. I am not a violent person and harbor no racial problems. I am shy and want to be comfortable in crowds. That why I am going to be sitting and serving Vipassana Mediations Center as I able to at when the crowds and noise get to be to much for me. I can only be comfortable by facing my fears.

The following is not bragging, or meant to say anything other the whatever has been plan in life for me I have followed it, just background on this struggling to be Vipassana mediator. I am nobody but my self, suffering through the pains and struggle of life striving for a little more spiritual enlightenment.

I had a history of being an 1960's -70's outlaw, a medical supplier of Herb outlet. Also was part owner in the ninth largest legal herb company-Green Mountain Herbs, which was the sister company of Celestial Seasons. Among one of the first companies to do legal business with Red China - 600 grams catty boxes of Ginseng.

Also history of roll and rock cowboy living in the Colorado Rockies above 10,000 feet outside from Boulder, Colorado. Doing security for Barry Fey Enterprises, the Denver equivalent of Bill Graham's Roll and Roll extravaganza. Rock and Roll will never die, but I won't be part of it.

I used to owned the valley where the first gold mining claims in Colorado 1863 were filed. The original one was called the Red Cloud mining claim, just over the hill from land that President Teddy Roosevelt owed. The land was at 10, 000 plus feet above sea level. Aspen covered land also was covered with chucks of Quartz from the size of a baseball to half the size of a VW. I had a fresh running spring that I piped through my cabin, for drinking water. There were three cabins that were built in the 1930's from materials on the land, two log cabins from logs milled on three sides and the other from stones on the land. The original owners poured a four foot concrete floor, that kept it cool in the summer, but a place that only an Eskimo could appreciate in the winter. So chill out has a different meaning for me.

In the late 1980's i became interested in stopping Nuclear Testing in the USA.I first became aware of Nuclear dangers while living in Taos I learned of the plans for the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP). I became quite involved in demonstrations in 1980's.

I spent winters in Taos as the snow level was higher than my top Cabin, you could step off the drift onto the roof and see the flatland outside of Denver Seven mountain ridges, I was the second ridge over the Continental Divide. If you have ever read the book “Centennial” by James Mitchner(sic) he called in “Blue Valley” and yes it does exist for a fact.

I left Colorado after doing time for herb distribution, in all parts of the Judicial system, from probation, work release up and the 1800's Maximum security prison. Later in l found out that I was self medicating my self for PTSD. Any herb I bartered to others was only for medicinal purposed to others in a similar positions. The court's unfortunately took a different view and sentenced me to Maximum Security (first time, 10 years and a day, to clear the sentence you must serve the day at the end of your sentence) then Minimum Security (sentenced for five years) and finally work release (for two years). My standing joke was next time (I have clean and sober for over two years) I would get probation. There were also a few county court stays of a few months at a time. But those are stores for a different time and era.

I lived at the On-going Peace Camp across from the Nevada Test Site for over a year 1989. The most nuclear bombed place on the planet. This land is actually owned by the Western Shoshone Native Indians. Under the provisions of the "Ruby Treaty" of 1863. This legal battle is still in federal court, while international have ruled in favor of the Danns and The Western Shoshone India tribe. I discovered knowledge from Jerry Samaski (sic)that published a report critical of Yucca Mountain's Geology, where the water table was artificial suppressed 1700 ft and proof of sea crustaceans above the level of the repository, which I presented at Department of Energy (DOE) now called National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) at Yucca Mountain in1989 the first hard proof in the DOE's words that Yucca Mountain would fail.

My son Marley Sage was conceived within the so call legal boundaries of the Nevada Test Site, which at the time if caught with our pants down literally, we would have been sentenced to twenty one day in federal prison and fined in excess of $500 each . Marley is perfectly normal in all respects and IQ test in Utah placed him in the top 3 percentile. He makes straight A with an occasional B (In an accelerated schooling program), with in a high school of 3,000 kids. Little proud parent story when he first arrived as a seventh grader, the West High school was having a literary contest, Marley entered a poem he wrote in 5th grade and walked off with third place among numerous entries from the Junior and Seniors(as it was a required school project)

Love is all we need. We left the Nevada Test Site after his mother pregnant to protect him from radioactive dust that is in the air, that his mom might inhale, which could cause damage to growing fetuses .

After hundreds of arrest at the test site, ranging from simple trespassing on federal land to occupying the Trinity Chapel (named after the father,son and holy ghost).The New York Times called the base security to do follow, on a phone interview which we placed to many editors of major News Media but as it was Easter Sunday, not many were available. Base security sent an armed federal SWA team with orders to shoot to kill any trespasser, but the local authorities, who knew us by name convicted the SWAT to disband and we were held on Federal Trespass Charges for seven days, before deciding that to prosecute us would show major security breeches of the Nevada Test Site's security.

I am proud to say that I was the first person,along with Ron Greene, to be arrested attempting to stop construction of (the proposed)Yucca Mountain Highly Radioactive Storage facility, for the store of nuclear fuel rods from nuclear reactors (side bar a nuclear fuel rod is only good for two year, at which time it has used 5% radioactive component and considered unusable and then we the American tax payers have to pay to baby sit it for 250,000 Years in supposedly geologically storage, but as the only site under study Yucca Mountain, proved to leak water like a sieve, so the government over site team, decided to use titanium shields to protect the fuel rod containers, which only have a 300 year lifespan, upon which time radioactive will be dispersed by leeching the water and being exposed to the circulating air)

I also was part of a Greenpeace team that occupied an illegal nuke site that violated testing standards and it was the first early Star War Nuclear High Yield Test to predict the affects of the electromagnetic pulse on Communication and was the only nuclear test (Green Water) of over a1,000 nuclear tests both above and underground. The Green Water is the only nuclear that was actually canceled by the US (due to activist role in threating to expose the American Public with actual footage of the nuclear protocol activities. We were using live video equipment to beam our signal to the off site Greenpeace Communications Van, which could send a signal to local stations, that were notified, We also rented time from a French satellite for navigation to the site

Most never other arrests never came to court. There were literally thousands, on one day there were 1200 arrested. As an early strategy of The American Peace Test was not to bail out and fill the jail with protesters. This did not let Nye county sheriffs room to jail anyone. So Nye county could not prosecute and collect fines from Du I's or domestic disputes (Interesting note the mens jail cells was actually a brig from a navy ship). Not only were the jail cells filled there were thousands awaiting to go to jail go to21 days and be fed three meals a day, which eventually threatened to Bankrupted Nye County,NV. So the judge would call the cases, having folks travel hundreds of miles and then dismiss the charges. Charlie Sheen was interviewed on the Good Morning America show and arrested as soon as he crossed into the Nye county line for conspiracy to commit a crime. All people were actually doing was stepping over the border line and being arrested nonviolently. While others when back country to Ground Zero (where the actually underground test to place) we announced to the security and news media once they were in position

After working for seven years with The Shundahai Network, founded by Corbin Harney, the spiritual leader of the Western Shoshone, doing web site work. I finally realized that my efforts to save the world had left me as a burnt shell of a person, who needed to work on his spiritual growth.

After a suicide attempt in 2001,due to over worked ,lack of hope I went for help in White City OR., to a VA program where I discovered Vipassana mediation by watching a award winning video-"Doing Time Doing Vipassana. After two years working with the VA doctors I was able to get off all psychiatric drugs and was eligible for a 10 day Vipassana courser. I sizzled when I first got the acceptance letter, then I realized that it would be raining and asked for an inside bed only to be told that I would have to go on to a waiting list. Chewing my fingernails to the nubs, oh no not turned down again, the story of my life, Imagine the joy two hours later when I got notification of a cancellation and my inner journey to Spirituality was to begin

People talk about life changing experiences, well this was mine more so than the drug haze of the 60's. I am so thankful for Vipassana. It's time for me to do an hour sit. The journey is about to begin know that the stage has been set.

Namaste & metta gregor