Sunday, September 03, 2006

Just waiting for my passport to show up in May I paid to get 3-5 business day service. Then Passport folks ,said my Birth Certificate was wrong type not raised seal. So I sent off for new
Birth Certificate and two time they sent it to wrong address, Ten days ago I was told that it d my blo
would should be here in 5-7 days. But no passport yet. It seems that the pass port folks are having alot of difficulty in getting it to me. I can't do anything until it arrives. So I just have to be patient. I was told / read about the slowness of the Indian, but if it takes five plus months to get passport, wonder how the rest of India visa and medical papers are going to take, at least I have Indian Mike's website to find out info about India. So I dream, time passes But one day it will arrive and the Northern shoud be cold, but just let me get there. It is said good things take longer, so this will be a great visit. Got personal bussiness cards made so folks find by blog, e-mail and phone number along with US address.

So I slowly wait, myself and my son are going to VA hospital for a series of medical tests to check how my back operation turned out. I still am in alot of pain every day hope that they don't have to go back in, but I am afraid that is what they will want todo again.

Am packing right now for hospital, but took a break to put in a new post