Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tickets Arrive. What more can I say, if thats not good news, I don't know what is good news. Also got news that one of the cashier's check that was off by $800. So after tomorrow's visit to the bank, all will be paid for and just Marley Sage's passport and out India Visa's.

Starting to feel good about everthing, Trip wise.

Marley Sage got his Sony video Handycam video Hi8 / Digitial 8 and is buzy studying the instructions, so we can also keep a video record with Night Shot Plus. Hope he enjoys the camera, we also got a 16 hour digital recorder for background sound in addition to what is taken on the video and my Sony Digital EOS XT should come back with some go photo memories.

But as a friend said today, don't spend your vacation filming, experience everything at once. I plan on coming back soon but don't know when, I will return some time after Marley Sage will be back.

Now it's time to get Luggage, carry empty bags there and bring full ones back. I was in a store and saw luggage that had a built in scale, so you did not overload your bags :)

Mostly will get family and friends gifts and maybe so things for eBay sells, if we really like some good cheap items, that Marley can learn to operate a eBay store. Don't want to make a lot of money, but would be nice to help him learn about import / export business to help with college costs.

Just a quick note tonight, sleep well and tomorrow I will start my Hindu software language prigram so I can ask basic questions.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Another day closer, till time to leave, Another mixup on someon's part I suddely owe more money to Tour company, even after making three phone calls from bank in 20 mins.

I sent wrong amount to wrong company name. Life is so much fun ! More money more hassel, well I still have months till we leave, so I guess that all willl be fixed by then.

It could be worse, only about $800 more, but time will tell. expect other diffuculty thinks will occur the closer it gets. Tickets are supposed to arrive on Oct 20th, four days so that will start to make it more real.

Off to CA on the 23rd of Oct to see primary care Dr. to get meds straightened out. I normally get them on the third of the month, but will be flying out of Salt Lake City that day, so hopefully can get all things straighten out with her.

It is really a pleasure to have a VA(Veteran Adminstration) docor fresh out of school who will take the time to LISTEN and ask questions and really care about the patient, before they become robots and just go about business and pretend you are not present and disregard any questions asked in the seven mins you have untill your next appt. nine months later. My Dr. will actually return calls or check in to see if I am doing OK.

But another year or two and she will be overworked, probaly like most VA doctors uncaring, talking on the phone while you try to ask questions, just getting a paycheck, then going into rotation with new patients they see one time before you get transferred to another Dr. So I am blessed for a little while.

Hope all goes well with the trip process, still waiting for Marley Sages passport, so we can get India visia's and then I can really believe it the trip, beside the hole in my bank account.

Just another boring blog entry, by trying to show that it's alive.YouTube has a number of India vids so I can get sneek previews of what others saw.

But we are going to a major Festival with multi million folks, so a wide array of things should be happenning.

Sure will be different when I am alone, wandering the Northern Plains of India, by myself after the heat and moonsons. So they trip will probably be a long time comming.

Got some software to learn a few Hindi phrases, so folks can see that I trying to understand their culture and language. Hopefully that will score good karma points and I will be treated respectfuly, but all is to be seen in time to come.

Hopefully all is well in your part of the world and life is treating you good. What a blessing that must be.

Take care, remember the less fortunate, peace out, gregor