Monday, November 27, 2006

The , in North Fork, CA, is dedicated to the practice of Vipassana meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka. This technique gradually eradicates all inner suffering.

California Vipassana Center California Vipassana Center.

Mavana Dhamma One of over 130 international centers and numerous non-center sites where the technique of Vipassana meditation is taught and practiced. The Center is situated on a 109 acre forested property. Groves of oak, pine, cedar, and manzanita here in the Sierra foothills, reinforce the center's name of Dhamma Mahavana, Great Forest of Dhamma. The Center is located 4 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area, 5-6 hours from Los Angeles and 30 minutes south of Yosemite National Park.

Today is crunch day. I leave tomorrow for a Satipatthana Sutta in North Fork, CA, a storm is rolling into Salt Lake City, with avalanche warnings posted for the Wasatch Mountains which I pass through on the way to CA and of course Donner's Pass (of the don't starve, eat your dead fame). So the search for chains for the car (all wheel drive) so I need four instead of two for twice the money. Most stores in SLC (Salt Lake City) have not gotten chains in stock yet :-( . So the search is on...

Plus am trying to firm up last minute dates for the hotel rooms before and after the tour in India. The tour leader is slow in responding and I leave in less than 36 hours and will be gone until about mid December. I believe that the tour group leader has my MasterCard info, so she can get rooms paid with my card.

After leaving a head cold behind, the extra large head (feels size of a seedless watermelon but filled with a dripping nose) I hope that it stays behind and does not travel with to the mediation center. I don't want to mediate with blowing noses and coughing.

Am really trying hard this course to go as deep as possible into my mediation, From 4:30 am until 9pm, non stop mediation, of course we take breaks,but need to be mindful at all times of my mediation, my last course until February.

Will let you know later if I find chains, sure do not want to rent then...
So I will be back shortly...

OH.. and the overdue library books I need to return, buzy boy today I am.