Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back less than one day no photos, camera went belly up first day first photo compact flash error tried two new ons and one that I had used for 3 years no luck

Check back as folks on tour said they will send photos. My son has video that we have to clean up before posting.

At Allahabad, India on the Jan 19th 200 million people bathed at the rivers

Back with more news soon as I get get Internet back up and running. Friend I was sharing connection with moved out and have to solve this connection problem, instead of traveling to the public library.

More news to follow, had a great time to short.

They (Delhi) closed school for kids caused it dipped into 50 degrees Fahrenheit, I did not want kids to suffer, it did go down to 30's at night.

Type at you soon, gregor

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Finally an internet connection that works.

My camer failed, the first day fitst picture with a CF ERROR, when I went to menu to formay card, i got CR 99(other errot check with canera shop, which is 2500 miles away. So no photos.

We have had a wonder time and took notes, but I don;t have them with me at this time,

Took baths on auspiscious dates 9BIG SMILE, MISSING KEYS PREVENT SMILEY FACES)

We are in Delhi to pick up glasses and await our flight home, the trip was hectic most of the time.

I had a astrogololy chart read by an top professional. Thing are going to be looking up in my life money wise and lot of travelind and a sucessfull bussiness, but not necessarly in the US. Next 19 years look good, I need to continue my herbak HEP C meds.

Good friend will appear with in three years bt 2010.

Wish I had been able to update the blog more open, I discovered that I can type on my lap top, add photos and place on USB FLASH DRIVE and it is ready to be uploaded to blog site.
Tomorrow we get out new glasses and will do shopping for gift for home, I have picked up a few things.

But will leave you wondering.

Marley Sage also had his chart done, but the wrong date was used (frowming as smiliy keys missing)

That all the news from me all good, slight touch (12 hours) with Dekhi Belly.

Namaste and mrtta, gregor