Sunday, August 12, 2007

Now this is the type of mail I would love to see, just think of the dana that I could use it for, the Dhamma Mahavana Pagoda is the first thing that comes to my mind-gregor

Unsolicited Mail You Would Love

We all get loads of unsolicited mail. It becomes fire starters, place mats, or immediate trash, but what if your unsolicited mail could make you a little bit richer?


47 residents living in a Tokyo apartment block received unsolicited mail in the form of cash the other day exceeding 70,000 yen each.

“The find brings the total amount of cash discovered to 1.91 million yen in 19 households. A total of 15 households received 100,000 yen each, two each received 110,000 yen each, and another two households respectively received 120,000 yen and 70,000 yen.“

Police indicated they were notified by a local resident who noticed the cash stuffed in the mailboxes.

No mention is given as to who the money might belong to, what the purpose behind it being left, or whether the residents will get to keep it.