Thursday, March 22, 2007

The confluence of the Ganga (brown colour) & the Yamuna (green colour) river in Allahabad .
A popular spot to perform some 'Nariyal' puja for a small fee ... & the ground for the 12-year Khumb Mela.

This is what Mark Twain wrote after a visit in 1895 :
...From the lofty ramparts one has a fine view of the sacred rivers.
They join at that point - the pale blue Jumna, apparently clean and clear,
and the muddy Ganges, dull yellow and not clean...
· Date: Wed May 4, 2005 ·

Evening at Ganga
Date: Mon November 20, 2006

Just a couple photos of the river of life also know as the Gauga

Wish I floating along the Ganges, metta,gregor



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