Monday, November 03, 2008

Bangladesh poll date is announced
A policeman faces stone-throwing protesters in Dhaka
General elections were postponed last year after months of violence

General elections will be held in Bangladesh on 18 December, election authorities say, with 13 November the deadline for nominations.

Political parties had feared that the elections might be delayed.

Since January 2007, Bangladesh has been run by a military-backed interim government, which promised to curb corruption and hold free elections.

Authorities have also said local government elections would be held on the 28 December.

The Bangladesh Election Commission has said it has recorded the identities, fingerprints and photographs of more than 80 million voters to ensure that the elections will be free and fair.

The authorities claim that the new register is the most accurate in Bangladesh's history.

The government came to power a year and a half ago President Iajuddin Ahmed cancelled general elections and declared a state of emergency following months of street violence.


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