Friday, October 31, 2008

Grown Woman Eaten by Python [Very Graphic]

*Warning…! The below content contains graphic pictures and is not suitable for all readers. Read further at your own risk!*

Luo, a local villager from Hanshan, China, did not return home from work during lunch as she does on a daily basis.

Her husband, worried for her safety, went to some cotton fields nearby where Luo worked.

While looking for his wife, the husband noticed a large snake trail and immediately became nervous that his wife might have been attacked by a snake.

A few minutes of searching later he came upon a large Python with a belly so full it could not move.

The husband knew immediately that his wife had been eaten by this snake and he ran off to find some local villagers to help.

snake-person01 Grown Woman Eaten by Python [Very Graphic] picture

They returned moments later and shot the snake in the head. They quickly cut the snake open and found Luo inside the snakes stomach.

snake-person02-150x150 Grown Woman Eaten by Python [Very Graphic] picturesnake-person03-150x150 Grown Woman Eaten by Python [Very Graphic] picture

Unfortunately they did not find her in time and she did not survive the ordeal.


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