Thursday, September 14, 2006

Well I finally solved one of the great mysteries in my life . My Pay Pal account displays my correct address and sends out a non-existence address, which is why I have not gotten items I ordered from Ebay. I have gotten hold of some of the people that I purchased items from and an trying to hear back from them. Life likes to play funny tricks on me, one half of the time I think it is my PTSD and I have reasoning for the other half. It is like a test by constant weird stuff happening to me.

So I spent all morning and part of this afternoon trying to straighten things out. Then the printing company, I use suddenly has a voice message, that due to circumstances beyond it's control, things up at the store is not open. But a few hours later they finally were on-line, their computers were down

Finally I have gotten hold out folks and they are doing what they can to help. Vista Printing
is reprinting my entire order for free, there was not problems on the printing just that it was sent to the wrong non-existence address, I feel that that was a good deal as the fault was mine(or actually the computer's).

Still awaiting on my 5 day delivery passport I ordered in May. The latest word because I had to get a new post 9/11 copy of my birth certificate, that it will only be a couple weeks.

My original plans (that i did nor buy tickets until I had my passport) I should be finishing a 10 day course at Dhama Giri and starting to serve a 10 day course. But this is another lesson in patience. Preparing me, to the long waits in India, to get things done or at least that is the way I try to look at it

Until I get to India the posts are going to be pretty dry as I am just waiting for packages and then I hope to spice things up with my India experiences and photos of what I see you will see and that should be of interest, good thing I haven't released this blog address to the world, as nobody would be interested in this extended wait, just pretend the plane is late and as soon as it lands, you will be on a new exciting

Vacation. But I rather have things go wrong here I can't or slowed down in a place that I am comfortable in waiting rather than a place 2500 miles from here.

Glad that I am able to spend time with my son. Today was / is his first day of school 16 and loving life except for the boundaries his mother places him on, it seems everyday, He got his Phone replaced from getting run off the road by a run away truck at 2am. That definitely raised some blood pressure as we were next to a cliff on Donner's Pass, CA (famous for the lost wagon train that turned to cannibalism. eating the dead to survive) Well we survived our close encounter on Donner's pass amd with that I shall let you go about your lives.


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