Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Want to know about India?

A Beginner's Guide to

First of all... Welcome to – The India Travel Site. Taking the leap from lurking on the site and reading all the posts to registering and contemplating your first post about India travel is an important step. This article is meant to help all of you "newbies" (excuse the term) get acclimated to the community and take the fear out of making the first post!

Getting the Most Out of IM

Joining an online community can be an intimidating experience, even one that shares your interests. A lot of our members prefer to stay on the sidelines, reading the articles, searching the India travel forums, and never making a post on the site. While we’re perfectly fine with those that choose to do so, we’d prefer that you’d join and participate in our community. The more the merrier after all, and we do have a common love for India travel, don’t we?

So… here are some tips to helping you get the most out of your experience

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