Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Man Writes Calligraphy Using His Own Tears!

Truly defying some natural laws, this Chinese man can write calligraphy with water he shoots from his own eyes.

Ru Anting, aged 56, actually sucks up the water with his nose and then sprays it through his tear ducts!

Ru told the press that he has had this special talent since he was a child. He discovered it quite by accident while swimming one day in a local river.

“Sometimes I would swallow water while swimming, and once I accidentally discovered the water I swallowed could be shot out through my eyes. My friends were all shocked to see it.”

This weird skill lay dormant until the 1990s when he lost his job in a local fertilizer factory where he had worked for more than twenty years.

He then began to hone his spraying talent and after three years of intensive training, he found he could shoot water from his eyes accurately up to 10 feet!

Ru has demonstrated his strange talent at the Lotus World Park in Shanshui city, Guangdong.

He wrote the following four characters on a board covered with red paper: Fu Ru Dong Hai, which translates into fortune as vast as the sea.

Kleenex anyone?


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