Friday, August 08, 2008

Man killed in wild monkey attack

Monkeys in India

A man has died after being attacked by wild monkeys in the Indian city of Delhi.

The man - SS Bajwa - was the deputy mayor of the city. He died after the monkeys went for him on a terrace at his home.

He fell from the first-floor terrace when trying to fight off the monkeys and died the next day.

The city has a long-running problem with wild monkeys snatching food and scaring people.

Last year, a court ordered city officials to try to solve the problem.

Monkey catchers and bigger monkeys have been brought in to try to frighten off the ones which cause the trouble.

Monkey god

Many people are opposed to killing the creatures because people who belong to the Hindu religion have a monkey god called Hanuman.

For this reason, they think the monkeys should be left alone and often feed them bananas and peanuts.


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