Sunday, July 06, 2008

Would You… Could You… In a Tree?

It is every kid’s dream to one day make the coolest tree house and live in it. In Okinawa, Japan, that dream has become one person’s reality… except they made it a restaurant instead of a home.

japanese-tree-restaurant01 Would You... Could You... In a Tree? picture

Just north of the Okinawa airport on highway 58, the restaurant sits perfectly on top of a massive Gajumaru tree’s huge branches about 20 ft above the ground and looking out over the ocean.

The restaurant has a reputation of being quiet and elegant, while serving some of the best Japanese, Thai, Korean, Chinese and Indian food in all of Okinawa.

tree-house-japan Would You... Could You... In a Tree? picture

Customers have to climb a spiral stairway to get to the restaurant.


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