Sunday, July 20, 2008

Possibly The World’s Dumbest Criminal

Typically criminals are either very smart or very stupid.

Zhou, a burglar from HuBei Province, China, proves through his recent crime that he has to be the dumbest criminal ever.

Zhou decided to break into a house in a nice neighborhood in HuBei. He was successful in taking about $65,000 in random jewels and cash. He also found two extremely large diamond rings in the house.

ring Possibly The Worlds Dumbest Criminal pictureZhou was sure that because of the size of the diamonds on the ring, they must be fake. He immediately flushed them down the toilet and left with his freshly stolen goods.

It wasn’t until after he was caught and police began questioning him about the real diamond jewelry that he realized the diamonds were real and he had thrown them away.

It took the police a little while to figure out what the burglars repeated “I’m so stupid” statement was all about.

No mention was made as to whether the two diamond rings where ever recovered.


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