Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nepal arrests 560 Tibetan women

Female Tibetan exiles participate in a silent march in Kathmandu to protest against the Chinese government, 11 May, 2008
The arrests came at Nepal's first all-women protests against China

Nepalese police have arrested some 560 Tibetan women, including many Buddhist nuns, after breaking up demonstrations against China's crackdown in Tibet.

In the first example of all-women protests, three rallies in Kathmandu were quickly stopped by police.

It was the biggest round-up since Tibetan exiles began near daily demonstrations in March.

Protestors wearing black armbands wept and shouted "We want free Tibet" as they were dragged to police vans.

Police said those detained were being held in detention centres around the capital, and would be freed later.


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