Saturday, June 09, 2007

Photo of myself (gregor) at 60 (Do I look that OLD?) and my son in India at the Ardh Kumbh Mela January 2007 (see my hair tucked under my garland?)

Well a story of personal interest, I suffered a gigantic Senior Moment two days ago. I had bought some Star Trek memorabilia, to leave for my 17 year old son. When I showed the things to him,I stated that when he was as old as I am (57 I thought) he said "Dad did you know that the artifacts would be 100 years old by then?". I said "What?" and started to figure the age of the artifacts from 1965 and then figured my age, I was born in 1947 and it is now 2007. That is when I came to the realization that I had stopped adding years to my age and thought that I was 57 (for the last 3-4 years a young to middle aged man) when in fact I will be 60 years old in August.Where did my life go?

But looking back is slowly set in that I have a lot of memories of different lifestyles and adventures, mostly of the 1960, Vietnam and being a peace activist's upon my return and being a hippie (I never got over that stage:) )Rainbow Gatherings,Nevada Test Site, anti-nuke activist Herb Company owner (Green Mountain Herbs) Yucca Mountain anti-nuclear waste activist, Solar energy designer and installer. Owning and living on the first gold mining claim in Colorado (the Red Cloud Claim)Owning a Colorado mountain Valley at 10,300 ft (second ridge from the Continental Divide ( with three cabins built from logs cut and milled in the 1930's and also a stone cabin, created entirely out of rock from the Valley (located in the middle of the Arapahoes National Forest, as far as I could see I owned)Owning an Arts and craft store in Central City Colorado,hanging with the Grateful Dead in the late 60's and early 70's(I am mentioned in"A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of the Grateful Dead by Dennis Mcnally )working for a Solar Company in Taos,New Mexico (installing a photovolatic electric system at the famous artist R.C. Gorman). living at a commune in New Mexico, the flood gates opened, but I will not bore you as I realized all that I did in my Life at this time.

Wow talk about a Senior moment,where have I been the last three years, I was totally floored, I don't look 60 (Do I?)I have long hair down to my shoulders with some streaks of silver(gray is the new silver) I am pretty fit and flexible, I do use a cane quite often, and have back and neck pains due to an auto accident in the early 90's. But to suddenly realize that I was 60 just blew me away. As I said that was the greatest Senior moment that I have ever had.

I was scheduled to take a Satipatthana Sutta meditation retreat at the California Vipassana Center but had to cancel at the last minute due to a MIR scheduled along with a visit to my primary care physician at the Salt Lake City Veterans Hospitable during the course. I really need to keep up with my spiritual practices as It help with the real pains and the difficulties of day to day life. :( so I hope to reschedule for the November retreat.

I have plan on writing a book to honor an old friend, Corbin Harney, the Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone tribe, who unfortunately has developed prostate cancer , which has spread to his bones.

This past summer, Corbin was diagnosed by western doctors with prostate cancer which has reportedly spread to his bones. After spending the early summer at Nanish Shontie, Corbin is back at Poo Ha Bah where he is receiving constant care and is close to the healing hot springs.

Corbin Harney Western Shoshone Elder and Spiritual Leader

Corbin needs our help. Recently, Poo Ha Bah lost foundation funding and is experiencing a serious fiscal crisis. Specifically, Corbin requires funds for food, transportation, medication, health care, repairs and maintenance of the center. PLEASE send checks of any amount directly to "Corbin Harney" at his address: Corbin Harney, Post Office Box 187, Tecopa, California 92389

Corbin Harney is the founder of The Shundahai Network and Executive Director of Poo Ha Bah a Healing Center for Native folks who suffer(as Corbin Harney does)cancers from Nuclear above ground testing which occurred on or by their traditional homelands. The Western Shone homelands consist of most of the state of Nevada, parts of Idaho,California under the Treaty of Ruby Valley 1863. The US government said that the tread was voided by gradual (stolen) taking of the lands. But has generously offered to pay for the land at a price(1863 price) of fifteen cents an acre for the more than the millions of acres.

Update(pdf file)... on The Elimination of Racial Discrimination on The Early Warning And Urgent Action Procedure Decision 1(68) In Relation To The U. S.A. Submitted by The Western Shoshone National Council, The Timbisha Shoshone Tribe, The Yomba Shoshone Tribe, The Wells Band Of Western Shoshone & The Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone

But back to my book"Shundahai Network:A Decade of Resistance" the thought of writing this book has brought purpose back into my life, again and am anxious to get started (actually I have been putting together my priorities for the book and an getting outlines, stories videos, audio releases from those who were there)I will be getting a web site to keep folks updated to what is happening with it. I know that getting a book publisher to release it would be near impossible, so will most likely go the vanity press route. If anyone has any suggested vanity press companies. Emails could be sent to me at

This has turned out to be a rather long post so I will close for now.

May world peace prevail during this time of war and worldwide hungry,
with loving kindness(metta in the language of Gotma the Buddha), gregor

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