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Donate a Stone, for the Global Pagoda

Bahujana hitaya, bahujana sukhaya.
For the benefit of many, for the happiness of many


The Global Vipassana Foundation is happy to inform all Vipassana meditators that the Global Pagoda complex will house a Vipassana meditation centre—Dhamma Pattana. This centre will have suitable residential and meditation facilities so that old students can meditate seriously in the vicinity of the Global Pagoda where the relics of the Buddha are enshrined. Serious meditators will benefit from the vibrations of the Buddha relics.

The second small pagoda at the Global Pagoda complex will be reserved exclusively for the use of the participants of the courses at Dhamma Pattana. It will contain a hundred meditation cells so that each participant in the course can meditate in an individual cell.

Dhamma Pattana will have an additional vital function. With increasing age and failing health, it has become increasingly difficult for Goenkaji to travel. Since he needs repeated medical consultations, it is increasingly difficult for him to stay for long periods at Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri. However, since Dhamma Pattana is in Mumbai, he can spend more time there. Goenkaji plans to conduct a 90-day course at this centre. Initially, Dhamma Pattana will host ten-day courses, and later, longer courses. A major portion of the construction has been completed.

The estimated total cost of the construction of Dhamma Pattana is USD 2 miillon.

A functional meditation centre will enhance the role of the Global Pagoda as the lighthouse of Dhamma. Meditators wishing to share in the merits of the construction of Dhamma Pattana may send donations to:

The Treasurer, Global Vipassana Foundation,

C/o Khimji Kunverji & Co., 52 Bombay Mutual Building, Sir P. M. Road, Mumbai 400 001, India.

Tel: [91]; Fax:;



Cheques and bank drafts should be payable at Mumbai and drawn in favour of Global Vipassana Foundation, A/c No. 11244, Bank of India, Stock Exchange Branch, Mumbai, India.

Many photos of the Global Pagoda


After completing the work for laying the massive foundation and the first phase of construction, all efforts are being made to complete the dome of the Global Pagoda by May or June 2006. Until this period, approximately Rs 75 lakhs to Rs 100 lakhs (US $ 220,000) are required each month for construction.

o Out of 94 layers to be completed in building the dome, 57 layers have been completed as of February 2006. As the height of the dome increases, fewer stones are required in each layer.

o The total height of the Pagoda will reach 315 feet.

o Besides work on the Global Pagoda, necessary RCC work for completing the exhibition gallery is in progress. Simultaneously, ventilation and acoustic consultants are working on details to complete this work, along with construction of dome of the main Pagoda.

Donate a Stone, for the Global Pagoda

The Global Pagoda presents a rare opportunity to earn merits by participating in a historic project that will serve as a beacon of Dhamma for centuries to come. Anyone can participate in this Dhamma project. The amount donated is not important - the volition to contribute is. The Global Pagoda is being built in stone. You can now choose to make a donation for any number of stones, even one stone. Every member in the donor’s family can feel joyful that he or she has donated for this most beneficial Dhamma project.

Cost of one Serration stone is Rs 5,000 (US $ 114.36); cost of one Dome stone is Rs 3,500 (US $ 80.054); cost of one Column stone is Rs 1,000 (US $ 22.87) ; cost of one Support stone is Rs 100 (US $ 2.28). Cheques/drafts may be drawn in favour of “Global Vipassana Foundation” payable at Mumbai, and may be mailed to

The Treasurer, Global Vipassana Foundation,
C/o Khimji Kunverji &
Co.,52, Bombay Mutual Building,
Sir P. M. Road, Mumbai 400 001.
Phone: ; Email:

All donations qualify under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act in India. Foreign donors should contact the Treasurer for clarification on tax concessions in their respective countries.
Online donations accepted at

One-day courses (for old students only) every Sunday at the Global Pagoda (Dhamma Pattana) Goraigoan, Mumbai. 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For gate pass to visit Global Pagoda, please call: Tel:, Tel/Fax:. Email:;

For all further details, please visit Global Pagoda website:


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